Day of the trees - Trees for future

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Trees For Future

On Sept 24th give your local trees a voice and save Amazonia!

During the Global Climate Week at NYC governments will be discussing the future of our planet.

We need to keep the Amazonia Rainforest standing, but we will let our trees speak for themselves to save Amazonia with your help!


Complete Toolkit:

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Trees For Future
Give your local trees a voice and save Amazonia

Action Campaign September 24th 2019

September 24th is Trees Day at Climate Week!

On Sep 24th the world will be looking at Amazonia during the Global Climate Week at NYC, where governments and specially the Brazilian president Bolsonaro will be discussing the future of Amazonia. We need to keep the Amazonia rainforest standing, but w e will let our trees speak for themselves to #SaveAmazonia with your help!


●  Produce a simple banner with one of the messages below

●  Attach it or hold it to a tree near you - no pins please

●  Take a picture and post it publicly on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with the hashtags      



●  Join us on facebook h ttp://

●  #TreesForFuture actions will be added on Climate Stories map:

Possible messages to use (but feel free to use others):

●  “Need help for my family in the rainforest #AmazoniaIsLife”

●  “Stop burning my family! #SaveAmazonia”

●  “Indigenous people are our friends #SOSAmazonia #AmazoniaIsLife”

●  “Need help for my Mother #SaveAmazonia #SalveAmazonia”

●  “Trees are people too” #SpeakUpForTrees #AmazoniaIsLife

●  “Need help! Please Stop Ecocide!” #TreesRights #AmazoniaIsLife    

Possible other hashtags could be:










Here is an example of talking tree:
These messages will be shown to the world and at NYC to politicians to emphasize the need to protect the Amazonia rainforest and the people who live from it and preserve it.

What else can you do?

Local groups, families or friends around the world will mark this day with a tree action. With this we build a bridge from our local trees to Amazonia. Our trees care for us, let’s show them that we care, too!
You could organize:

●  guerrilla gardening of a tree in your city

●  a tree-planting event

●  human chains around trees in parks

●  tree ceremonies

●  watering the trees in need in your city

●  protest walks from tree to tree with information for the public about our trees in need

Please don’t forget that your local tree action should always be connected to the social media campaig. I f you’re an artist please feel free to support this campaign with a piece of art! #TreesForFuture #AmazoniaIsLife

Other ways of supporting the cause:
There is a list with all existing petitions to save the rainforests.
You are welcome to sign them all:) h ttps://

Here is a list of NGOs that can help you with your tree-planting action:

Why you should join our Trees For Future campaign:
We are all connected together, humans and trees, and all life. We, you and me are connected by the air and the water Amazonia is gifting us. The rapid increase of deforestation under president Bolsonaro and the ongoing devastating fires are extremely concerning for our planet’s life support systems. We have to stop the war against nature. Trees play a most significant role in climate stabilisation. Not only in Amazonia but all over the world.
#TreesForFuture #AmazoniaIsLife

Stop Ecocide, change the law.


SM (For Social Media)


On September 24th give your local trees a voice and save Amazonia!

For more info please check our Facebook page:

Complete Toolkit: