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The indigenous delegation wanted to talk at the CGF "sustainable retailer's summit" in Berlin today, but they were shut out. So they protested outside the hotel.

?? [ENG] Munich
Indigenous leaders met with Renata Bleich, Head of Sustainability at Munich RE, one of the largest reinsurance companies in the world.
After hearing about the reality in Brazil from those who have suffered firsthand the Brazilian government's attacks, the company pledged to verify which enterprises it has in Brazil and to ensure that those it insures guarantee respect for indigenous peoples and the environment. They made an additional commitment to ensure that their investments do not cause further destruction of the environment. Following the meeting they created a channel for ongoing dialogue between the insurer and APIB so that in the case of new ventures indigenous peoples are consulted.
Continuing the agenda of meetings in Germany, today in Munich the leaders Dinaman Tuxá and Elizeu Guarani Kayowá met with the Director of Environment of Allianz, one of the largest insurers in the world. During the meeting the leaders denounced Bolsonaro's policy and the process of uncontrolled developmentalism proposed for the Amazon and other regions of the country, without taking into account the populations living in these areas and their needs. The director proved responsive to the proposals presented and pledged to coordinate with a network of insurers so that they no longer fund ventures that may harm the environment and the lives of indigenous peoples in Brazil. A channel for ongoing dialogue with indigenous leaders was also established, so that they can be consulted before projects are approved in their regions.
Activists, supporters and organizations from Munich met with indigenous leaders who are traveling Europe to hear their needs and proposals. After the meetings, a solidarity network was created to sensitize the institutional bodies, to guarantee the protection of the native peoples of Brazil, the preservation of the environment and the mitigation of climate change impacts.

?? [GERM] Die Tour der indigenen Leader „Indigenes Blut: Nicht Einen Einzigen Tropfen Mehr“, die Europa bereist um für die Rechte der indigenen Völker der Amazonas Regenwälder einzutreten, haben heute zusammen mit den jungen Aktivist*innen der Fridays For Future Bewegung für Klimagerechtikeit und die Rettung unseres Planeten gestreikt. Heute hatten wir die Ehre, Indigene Bevölkerung der Artikulation (APIB) aus Brasilien auf unserer Demo begrüßen zu dürfen. Indigenous blood #notasingledropmore
Rede der indigenen Völker aus Brasilien

Confira a mensagem deixada pelas lideranças indígenas da APIB aos alemães durante um debate com o presidente do Partido Verde e do Diretor Geral da Federação das Indústrias Alemãs (BDI) em Berlim.

?? [ENG] #OnAir Public panel attended by Toni Hofreiter, Co-chair of the Green Party's parliamentary group and Joachim Lang, CEO of Voice of German Industry (BDI) Berlirn.
“Europe is the one that’s importing products sprayed with our blood.” - short video by Survival International about the guardians of the forest.

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?? [ITA] Amazzonia - Appello dei popoli indigeni all'Europa
?? [BRA]Amazônia - Um apelo dos povos indígenas!

Today Angela Kaxuyana participated in a public panel, side by side with Toni Hofreiter, the President of Germany’s Green Party, and Joachim Lang, General Director of the Federation of German Industries (BDI). She emphasized the importance of corporations, European governments, and Europeans as a whole taking responsibility for the genocide of indigenous peoples. In her speech, Kaxuyana reminded the audience that Germany is one of the major suppliers of pesticides that are causing the death of indigenous peoples as well as deaths in Brazilian society as a whole. She asked that economic accords signed with Brazil take into consideration the existence of indigenous peoples and respect ILO Convention 169 and the rights of native peoples.
She also reminded the audience of the warning of Brazilian leader, author, and shaman Davi Kopenawa (Yanomami), who declared, ‘If we don’t start taking care of indigenous territories and of our rivers, the sky will fall on us, not only on indigenous peoples, but on all of us!” Listen to the whole speech:

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