Sophia • 5 März 2020
Blog in der Gruppe Move corporates
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The group "Moving Companies" aims to create a platform that shows how seriously companies really take climate protection:

1. systematically and permanently
Let us systematically and comprehensibly determine how seriously companies really take climate protection. Let's do this in the long term so that companies can prepare for it.

2. simple and transparent
Let us condense the result of the evaluation into an easily comprehensible assessment and make it transparent how it came to the result.

3. binding
Let us evaluate every company, whether it wants to or not. Participation and transparency should be an essential criterion of evaluation.  

4. freely accessible
Let Us publish the results of the evaluation in a freely accessible way for everyone.

5. basis for purchase and other decisions
Let's give consumers, investors and the general public a simple orientation as to which products responsible companies stand behind.

Let us start a movement that makes climate protection a real competitive factor!