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Dear parents,

to support the students of Fridays for Future, a group of parents formed around 20.2.2019, originating among others from a support group of parents who participated in the Berlin strike in January. In just a few days a nationwide networked group „Parents For Future“ formed. This includes parents, grandparents and friends of Fridays for Future. Anyone who supports Fridays For Future and wants to strengthen the movement is invited to join. Basic information and contact with the local and regional groups, with the possibility to start new groups (first via WhatsApp) can be found on our homepage (under construction):

Our first action is an open letter to the state government of NRW and its Ministry of Education, as the Ministry of Education NRW has urged the schools to proceed hard against participants of Fridays For Future. In less than a week we collected over 10,000 signatures, and there are more every day. Here you can view and sign our letter:

At 27.02.2019 we did our first -> press release: On the agenda is a call to all schools in Germany to participate in the worldwide strike on 15.03.19 as a „climate protection project day“:

[note: basically the same content as this text, which is linked above: – this text here is a quick translation of the PDF (sorry for any mistakes ;))]

Fridays For Future calls all people to join in: „On March 15, there will be the biggest climate strike the world has ever seen. This Friday people from over 40 countries on all continents (except the Antarctic) go to the street to protest.

Support us too by joining the striking pupils in your local school and work „to win your school“ for creative solutions: the strikes are a huge socio-political commitment, the students learn in many cases much more than they miss in a few missed hours. In addition, this type of learning is already an implemented as a goal that is part of the national action education plan for sustainable development, adopted in 2016 and signed by the KMK [Kultusministerkonferenz].

A quote from 2016 out of the KMK’s „Global Education Learning Framework“: „School learning is not limited to teaching. Extra-curricular … projects like class and project trips, visiting extracurricular learning places or cooperating with cultural projects are indispensable extensions of the learning and experience possibilities … „. The strikes can be incorporated by schools as school climate project days, and can also be used for others school projects in the field of climate protection.

Support our children, spread this call and follow us

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Best regards, Katja Knoch – Orga-Team Parents For Future – 28.2.2019