European Tour of the Indigenous Leader
Italien 18.- 23.10.2019 Italien/Vatican - Turin, Rom, Vaticanstadt, Bologna (2.Teil)
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Dienstag; 22.10.2019 sprachen sie in der Universität von Bologna
?? [ENG] In a meeting with the University of Bologna this morning, Celia Xakriaba spoke about the difficulties that indigenous students have to remain in higher education. "We've come to tell the world that the government is taking away our dreams by withdrawing our subsidies" she said. Responding to this, Alessandra Scagliarini, vice dean of University of Bologna, said there are exchange projects for indigenous students from Brazil.Celia also participated in a conversation with students to reassure the importance of science. "Our fight is not different, because when we fight to protect indigenous lands we are also fighting for science, because it's not possible to create knowledge without having the land to sustain our body and our feet"