European Tour of the Indigenous Leader
Italien 18.- 23.10.2019 Italien/Vatican
Turin, Rom, Vaticanstadt, Bologne
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?? [ENG] Saturday, October 19, starting at 18:00, at the Esc Atelier (Via dei Volsci, 159, 00185 Rome RM) a group of indigenous leaders from the Brazilian Amazon will discuss on how they live under the threatvof deforestation and what they fight for in one of the most famous and most threatened forests on the planet.
At the end of the discussion, the documentary "Deforestation Made in Italy" , will be screened. This documentary offers an unprecedented insight into the causal relationship between "Made in Italy" and the destruction of tropical forests. ?
Following experts will also take part:
Francesco Martone, the "In defesa di..." network
Francesca Casella, Survival International
Martina Borghi, Greenpeace Italy
Francesco De Agustinis, journalist and director of the documentary "Deforestazione Made In Italy".

?? [ENG] Today, indigenous leaders attended the Holy Mass celebrated by Pope Francis at the Vatican. The leader of the Catholic Church has become a key ally of indigenous peoples, and is holding the Amazon Synod, a meeting of the Church as a whole, to build strategies to protect the Amazon forest and the peoples who live there.
The Pope’s words at mass today in almost all our languages (siehe Kommentar)
?? [ENG] Celia Xakriabá informs how was the third day of the tour of the indigenous leaders across Europe. At the Vatican, they attended the Holy Mass celebrated by Pope Francis in St. Peter's Basilica. In Turin, in Italy, they also participated in a march and a debate with activists and supporters of the movement. The agenda was also attended by the children from Fridays for Future movement, highlighting the gathering of those who fight for the future of the planet.

Part of the delegation arrived in Turin for a public event with Fridays for Future today. Amazing (< Foto)

Montag, 21.10.2019 (?)
#AoVivo | Coletiva de Imprensa com lideranças indígenas direto de Roma | #NenhumaGotaMais
??[ENG] This morning, our leaders Sonia Guajajara, Kretã Kaingang, Angela Kaxuyana, Dinamam Tuxá and Elizeu Guarani Kaiowá attended a press conference, where they spoke of the importance of European countries supporting the indigenous struggle and not collaborating with companies that damage forests and indigenous peoples.

?? [ENG] Angela Kaxuyana, Dinamam Tuxá and Elizeu Guarani Kaiowá met with Enrico Pompei, representative of the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, and were able to expose the problems with deforestation, land grabbers and loggers invading indigenous lands.
Photos: Mídia Índia (@midiaindiaoficial)

?? [ENG] Raoni wishes a good journey to the APIB delegation, which will be traveling around 12 countries during the Advocacy Tour: Indigenous Blood, Not a Single Drop More. Since the 1960s, the Kayapó Chief has been meeting with global leaders in defense of the Amazon and of indigenous peoples, and he hopes that the Delegation that travelled to the old continent will also be welcomed and heard, strengthening the battle for the future of all beings, indigenous and non-indigenous, through the protection of territories and forests.

?? [ENG] During another day ( = 21.10. Anm.d.R.) of meetings in Italy, Celia Xakriabá, Alberto Terena and Erisvan Guajajara met with Federico Mensio, Environment Commissioner of Turin, and Chiara Appendio, City Mayor, and were able to talk about the main struggles regarding the defence of the Amazon and how the population can help by putting pressure on European parliamentarians in relation to Brazil's exports, such as beef consumption, which is marked by Brazilian indigenous blood. They also reinforced the need to unite forces and fight in the defence of the Amazon and of life, as the agribusiness is destroying our forests at all costs.
Then, the group went to the University of Torino, where they talked to college students and academic staff, asserting the importance of taking to the streets in the defence of our mother earth!
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